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Lithia Ritual Ideas

It is wonderful to gather with like-minded souls around the Summer Solstice, also known traditionally as Lithia. Some folks love to stay up all night and watch the sunrise on the longest day of the year, or they wake up early to see it. If you do this you might like to choose a sacred spot or make a special altar in your garden to meditate as the light comes.

The solstice is a celebration of the light, and the dark. From this point we honour the return of the dark and the Yin phases of ‘gathering in’ and harvest. This is the peak of the Yang energies of the year so it is important to mark it in some way that feels good to you.

Lithia Ritual Ideas:

  • Spend time in nature, witnessing all that is in full bloom and has growth, turn this inwards and tune into what has grown within you this Spring. Enjoy the sunshine and give gratitude for it’s rays. You might like to do some sun salutations!

  • Look out for the Green Man (or Green Woman/or creature) in nature.

  • Meet friends and light a fire and encourage conversation around Spring reflections and Summer intentions, the light and the dark, and take to your feet for some dancing and singing! (I gathered recently for a private Coven and we dancing around the fire, waking the winds, it felt incredible and powerful.)

  • Create an altar around the sun - with symbols of the sun, flowers, orange/yellow/red crystals, a candle, oak leaves, herbs and whatever you feel called to place there. Place your intentions for summer under a crystal.

  • Make a flower crown!

  • Drink solar charged water (it’s a thing, the sunshine gives life to the water!) - place a glass of water in the sunshine for a few hours and drink it with intention, visualise the light travelling all around your body, your organs, your cells and your energetic field.

  • Jump the fire, circle a fire 3 times then leap the fire to leave behind what’s holding you back. Call out ‘I leave behind…’ and jump the flames. The fire element is cleansing, releasing and transformative. Trust that you have entered next phase of the wheel.

For summer medicine - how to align to the rhythms of the summer through diet, activities, skincare and more - have a read of this blog.

My ideas are inspired by the people I’ve met, the books I’ve read, nature herself and my inner whisperings. I always encourage people to bring a sense of play to rituals - you can create your own, as long as the intention is there you can’t get it wrong. Have fun getting creative and follow your heart and own call to the wild.

Love, Magic and Wild Roses,



Monday 21st June: Lithia Soul Circle Online - LINK

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