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Into the Mystic..

What is the mystic to me?

It's a place that we connect to when we slow down, tune in and enter the emptiness, the vast unknown. In this nothingness, we can travel to other dimensions and experience incredible visions, receive messages from our highest self and guides and learn about who we really are and our deep connection to the great beyond.

The mystic is filled with wonder.

We were more open to this place when we were children, I believe, and then we become so grounded in the material world that we forget. It's important to keep a certain level of grounded connection - nature is our anchor and we are of course human beings that require basic needs to survive, and to grow spiritually this level of earthliness is our foundation, but we cannot get stuck, stuck in our to do lists, our phones, emails and so bogged down we can't see the magic anywhere.

This journey of spiritual development is a soul quest to unearth great hidden wisdom and knowledge that lies within. When we peel back the layers and uncover the sparkling hidden gems, we truly awaken and discover the magic was and always will be there.

How can you travel to the mystic?

In our online healing soul circles when I channel the guided journey inspired by the season, moon and sun - this is where we go... I create the space and then the gifts within you do the rest... all it requires is a letting go, a freedom of expectation and the openness and curiosity that I'm sure you had in abundance as a child.

'The guided journeys Sadie takes us on are something really magical, I have the most incredible visions and auditory downloads come through to me, these messages I haven't experienced before during other meditations or practices and I am always blown away with what I am tapping into and the space Sadie can take us all too in Circle. Every time I come away knowing a little bit more about myself and my path'

- Charlotte, Cosmic Cycling Club member.

'For me a guided journey is a pressure-free way to connect with my guides, guardian angels, my own personal guardian angel and any other spirit helpers who are around. Pressure-free because I am going with the flow of guidance from another and don't have to concentrate to visualise the scenario myself. This allows me to get out of the way and let my higher self open to any incoming impressions or messages. I always connect to source energy first so that only the highest vibrations can enter my space, then I'm able to fully relax into the experience and enjoy the ride! I have the feeling that the higher beings who meet us in a guided journey enjoy it just as much as we Earth beings do'

- Caroline, Circle Attendee

Take a look ok at the Cosmic Cycling Club and stay up to date with our next circles here.

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