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It’s Time To Write A New Story

Conscious Beauty Whilst Travelling with a Bump

Where to start, this is a new beginning for me, a new phase I’m entering. From maiden to mother I journey. A new story is also the end of an old one perhaps so it’s important I share why I’m so grateful.

TW. Although this is a blog about conscious beauty, this blog also discusses miscarriage and pregnancy.

Last summer I experienced a miscarriage at 11 weeks, it was both heartbreaking and initiating. I grew in the darkness. I went to depths I didn’t know I had and surrendered in the emotional waters of grief, round and round the waves would go. I was held in the space and circles of others, I received healings, I shared my story and gradually I came back together, with an extra layer of wisdom I didn’t have before. I did a lot of work on myself during the past year and wasn’t afraid to delve into the shadows, the shadow is our greatest healer. And now I am in a rebirth phase. Earlier this year, we discovered I was pregnant again, I felt so excited and grateful, but a part of me didn’t want to have too much hope, just incase we experienced a repeat of what happened last time. The mantra I came home to again and again was ‘I surrender, I trust and I let go’, this became my hook every time doubts emerged. I’m pleased to share I am now 23 weeks pregnant and following a ‘symptom-full’ first trimester with nausea, extreme tiredness and heightened smell I am feeling in full bloom, mirroring the seasonal energies of summer.

Being pregnant has reminded me even more of the importance of self-care, first trimester I struggled to eat healthy but now I am in my second I am feeling much more inspired to enjoy taking care of myself inside and out - I am really looking at the products I use on my body. We absorb the ingredients through our skin so especially during pregnancy it’s important to be as natural as possible.

I’ve just been away to Turkey with my partner for a family wedding and I packed my ‘new story’ soap bag with some consciously sourced products to look after my skin.

My Travel Favourites:

☽ New Story Wash Bag

I love my canvas wash bag from Om and Ah London, it’s lightweight and has a hard-wearing exterior. The new story makes me feel inspired! Om and Ah London is basically my go-to range for hosting circles and doing treatments. They’re ethically made pieces and the quotes are high vibrational messaging. I’ll definitely be purchasing bits from their new baby range later this year! Wash Bag Link

AEOS Starter Kit Blue

I am absolutely IN LOVE with this range. They are made in the UK and the company has it’s own biodynamic organic farm where they grow the ingredients. Everything is so pure and thought through for both the physical and energetic properties. They contain actual crystal elixirs! You’re meant to choose the colour you’re drawn to - pink or blue. The blue is soothing, cooling and supports peace and serenity. I chose blue for a special reason, you can probably work out why? I purchase AEOS from my favourite natural beauty and wellness shop, Therapy Organics. AEOS Kit Link

🌞 Suncreams

I read that it’s extra important to protect your skin during pregnancy due to the possibility of pigmentation. There’s also a chemical that’s not great to use during pregnancy called Oxybenzone which is found in a lot of suncreams. I went for these two. The sun was very hot so I mostly stayed in the shade and wore a hat and shirt. Both these creams are great if you’re travelling with hand luggage only because they’re 100ml or under.

The Organic Pharmacy: Cellular Protection Sunscreen

This cream goes on so beautifully, it’s light and non-greasy and smells DIVINE! My skin loved it. It’s intensely hydrating. On the slightly more expensive side I chose to use this cream on my upper half - face, chest, bump and went for the Alteya below on my arms and legs. Purchase here.

Alteya Organics: Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

Where the Organic Pharmacy was lighter which was why I loved it for my face, this cream was much richer and more deeply nourishing. It felt luxurious and is tinted so covered up any blotches I have on my legs. Because it’s tinted you just have to watch when wearing white. I really loved how it made my skin look and feel. Purchase Here

Wild Deodorant

I have been obsessed with this company for a while. It took me a VERY long time to find a natural, ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly deodorant that actually worked! Wild Deodorant really does work and the scents are amazing. I have a main case and have subscribed to receive 3x refills every 3 months - which is timed perfectly because the new batch arrives just as I’m coming to the end of my final one. They’ve got a travel version which I took with me on hols. Receive 50% off here as an introductory offer - Click here

Holiday Read:

I decided to choose a story for my hols. I wandered around WH Smiths and asked the Universe to guide me to a book that I couldn’t put down, and sure enough it did. My eyes were drawn to 'Run, Rose, Run.' It’s co-written by Dolly Parton and James Patterson and it’s about a singer in Nashville. She’s a strong, determined character with a difficult past. It’s so well written. Highly recommend!

As we enter the new season of Summer and the coming new moon in Cancer, what ‘new story’ are you writing? How can you inspire your self-care through the hot summer months both internally and externally?

Have a look at my blog on Summer Medicine which goes into detail on the energetics of summer and how we can align nutritionally, emotionally and energetically -

Love, Sunshine and Wild Flowers, Sadie


Soul Beauty Rituals

Soul Beauty Rituals, founded by Sadie Pickering, is a unique combination of healing modalities (body/emotional/energy/soul work) that centre around cycles of nature and our own cycles. Sadie works 1-1 and holds circle gatherings.

“When we align to the cycles of nature, the moon and the cosmos we can experience a deeper harmony within ourselves and awaken the wisdom that we are cyclical beings and mirrors of the cycles in our world.”



In this blog the knowledge I share is based on personal experiences with the cycles. This information is not intended to advise or enforce. It is more to inspire your personal journey. Sadie Pickering of Soul Beauty Rituals assumes no responsibility or liability for any outcome resulting from any action or inaction you take based on the information found in this blog, The information shared here must never be relied upon as an alternative for seeking advice from a medical professional. Please seek immediate medical attention if you believe you may be suffering from any condition that requires professional help and support.

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