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Soul Circles

Healing spaces to gather as individuals within the collective honouring the cycles and our journey within them through intention setting, journalling, meditation, visualisation and guided journeys.

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Soul Circles

Healing spaces to gather as individuals within the collective honouring the cycles and our journey within them through intention setting, journalling, meditation, visualisation and guided journeys.

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Sadie hosts circles around the seasons (wheel of the year dates) and moon phases (new and full moons). These are now only The online circles are now only available as part of the memberships. 

There is the 'Cosmic Cycling Club' membership which includes access to ALL circles (seasonal, lunar and cosmic), along with bonus circles including the Red Tent and Guest Sessions. This membership is £33.33 per month. Find out more here. If you'd prefer to pay annually for your membership you can here (Saving £60) . LINK


and an alternative subscription which is full moon circles only 'Whole Of The Moon' membership. You can pay monthly (£15 per month) or annually (£144 per year - saving £36) Find out more here. 

What is a circle?


Circles have existed since ancient times (in every culture), they are the oldest forms of social interaction, it was normal to gather, share stories and pass on wisdom. It’s in our DNA. These circles are an invitation to step out of your everyday life with responsibilities, and be held in a safe, nurturing space where every part of your truth is welcome. Sadie brings the 4 elements of the healing modalities she works with (Body/Emotional/Energetic and Soul Work) The sessions may consist of meditation, discussion, guided self-healing, gentle movement, journalling, guided visualisation and intention setting.

What is the Wheel Of The Year?


There are 8 key dates in the year which mark the seasonal changes (the turning of the wheel), these include the Equinoxes’ and Solstices'.


The intention is to tune into the particular energies relevant to a certain date. This can help us live in harmony with nature and as a result create a more balanced and harmonious life. Through the circles we learn about the energies and rhythm for the current season.

How can you harness the energies of the Moon?


Taking a pause to acknowledge the energetics of the Lunar forces and their effect on us can be empowering. Depending on the particular moon phase we can harness her energies to honour our feelings, plant seeds, release blocks, cleanse our energetic field and celebrate achievements. We all need a moment to just ‘be’ in order to gain clarity. In the stillness lies the magic, that’s where we channel and communicate with our guides and our higher selves. By taking some time for you around the moon phases the moon can actually support you in all areas of your life. 

A Membership is for you if:

☽ You’re interested to understand how to align to natures cycles and rhythms of the seasons

☽ You’re curious about this work and want to understand more in a safe, nurturing environment

☽ You’d like to awaken your intuitive gifts to channel new ideas, let go of feelings that no longer serve you and make positive changes 

☽ You’re interested in experiencing a stronger connection to the universe and nature

☽ You’d like to have an individual experience but as part of a collective, gathering to honour special days in the year that represent the changing seasons.


Children often attend sessions and Sadie welcomes the beautiful energy of children into the circles. If you would like to bring your child please ask beforehand to check the content is suitable.

Private Soul Circle Gatherings

Sadie offers private Soul Circles. These can be created bespoke for you and your circle. They can be a wonderful way to gather with friends for something soulful and fulfilling. Whether it’s for a special birthday or a specific Rite Of Passage, Sadie will create something magical. Transitional times are lovely to mark with a circle.

☽ First Moon (A girl's first bleed)
☽ Mother Blessing (the alternative to the baby shower)
☽ Bridal Blessing (an alternative activity for a conscious hen gathering)
☽ Menopause (Wise Woman blessing)
☽ Winter Transition Blessings (to assist in preparing an individual for passing over) 
☽ Any new chapter (i.e. Starting University/Moving away)


A quote will be provided on request, prices vary depending on number of guests, length and style of gathering.

White Room

"Thank you soooooooo much for this evening. Truly beautiful 🙏🙏🙏I have never experienced anything like this. Everything just felt golden. I now feel absolutely beautiful."



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