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Soul Beauty Rituals

Working with the cycles of nature for health, natural beauty & empowered living. Through one-to-one treatments & circle gatherings online & in person.


Soul Treatments

Nurturing treatments to restore, rebalance and align.


Healing spaces to gather as individuals within the collective honouring the cycles and our journey within them through intention setting, journalling, meditation, visualisation and guided journeys.

Soul Circles


Soul Teachings

Sadie shares her knowledge and experience in courses to delve deeper into the tools she uses to support this work within the cycles

Tree Stump

A unique combination of healing modalities


Soul Beauty Rituals, founded by Sadie Pickering and based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, a mystical place of ley lines and legends. Her training consists of Reiki level 2, Massage Therapy and Rhythm Of Beauty Skin-Soul Seasonal Alignments and when combining this with her unique gifts as a deeply intuitive, soul centred and compassionate healer, her Soul Treatments and Soul circle gatherings are magical.

All that she does centres around cycles of nature and our own cycles. They are the key to unlocking the soul by aligning to nature and understanding that we can co-create with these energies.


The story of our relationship with cycles is as old as time


The ancients understood it and lived according to the cycles of nature. Nature is our mirror and the cycles have an effect on us. These include the circadian rhythm of the day (circadian), the cycles of the moon, the menstrual cycles, the seasonal cycles (Wheel of the Year) and the cycles of our own lives. There is a correlation between all of these, our inner wisdom understands it but somehow, some of us have forgotten this.

The Stars

Deep Healing


At Soul Beauty Rituals we harness the power of these cycles for deep healing, creativity, expansion, natural beauty, nourishment, self-development and manifestation.


The magic of the Universe lies within each and every one of us, the more we return home to ourselves as cyclic beings the more empowered we become.


The wheels of nature are always in motion, when we choose to surrender to the changing energies, we open ourselves to grow.


"Recently, I have been craving a deeper connection to the Universe, nature and a world beyond me and my personal goals. I attended one of Sadie’s soul circles without any real prior knowledge of the seasons or nature’s cycles. The circle was so powerful - and is really hard to explain but I came away feeling totally moved. Sadie’s meditations are like none I’ve ever experienced, it’s like she whisks you away to another world and I left feeling lighter, more connected and energised. Sign me up for more of that magic!” 


Laura, The Vibrancy Hub