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Soul Treatments

Sadie's newly established home studio in Alderley Edge now offers a range of treatments, available both in person and online, specially designed for women seeking to align their inner selves with the natural rhythms of the world.

We are mirrors of the natural world. Aligning and understanding what’s going on around us, can help us have a deeper understanding about what’s going on within us. Taking this step can have powerful transformational effects on our ability to manifest, access creativity and take care of ourselves properly.


Rhythm Of Beauty

Seasonal Soul Sessions


Reiki & Crystal Healing Sessions


Full Body Massage

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Seasonal Sessions

Sadie holds space in her home studio for 1-1 sessions to support clients on their journey in through the seasons.



Working heart to heart, soul to soul. 

Learning how to align to the seasons, nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually has a profound effect on ones life. Sadie is a Rhythm Of Beauty Coach and this work is aimed at harnessing the energy of the seasons for personal growth, manifestations, natural beauty and healing. Living in harmony with nature is a medicine for the mind, body and soul. Rituals the root for all integration of this work and Sadie will assist the client in cultivating their own magical, healing rituals for beauty and the soul.

Our exclusive bespoke treatment includes a thorough consultation, seasonal flower essence water, a rejuvenating flower, herb and salt foot bath, personalised affirmations, crystal roller and gua sha facial, body work, and reiki healing.
Afterward, enjoy a nourishing herbal tea and snack. Embrace your inner Goddess with this truly magical treatment.

The dates and which season/element Sadie will be working with throughout the Wheel Of The Year:

  • From late August: Late Summer/Autumn (Earth/Metal)

  • From mid-December: Winter (Water)

  • From mid-March: Spring (Wood)

  • From mid-June - Summer (Fire)​


£122 for 2 hours


A deeply caring, skin-soul treatment which goes beyond a facial and treats the clients very being, helping them align with the current season. The facial uses award winning seasonal products which are handmade, handcrafted, wild and natural, delicious oils, creams and masks made by the Rhythm Of Beauty founder, Louise Allen. 


£65 for 1 hour


During this session Sadie will look into how you are feeling about the current season, restoring any imbalances through nutrition, self-care and rituals. 


This session includes:

Grounding Meditation

Consultation with Seasonal Wisdom

Intention Setting

Guided visualisation journey 

Includes a follow up email with information to support you following the session and the option to check in via voice notes for… days


Prior to your session you will be sent an email with a consultation form and guidance on how to prepare your sacred space for healing.


£80 for 90 minutes

Online Seasonal Soul Sessions

In-Person & Online
Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions

These sessions are created as bespoke sessions for the client's particular needs. We are all unique individuals, therefore each session is unique. Using the 4 areas Sadie loves to work with - body, emotions, energy and soul with the intention to heal, release and empower. 


A deeply restorative treatment to bring harmony and balance to the body and energy field. Sadie works intuitively. Sadie may also bring in tools such as smudging, oracle cards and sound. 


£55 for 1 hour / £80 for 90 minutes / £95 for 2 hours





Working online is so powerful as energy work transcends time and space, the client is comfortable in their own home and so this work is often very deep. 


£55 for 1 hour / £35 for 30 minutes

Soul-to-Soul Online Reiki Healing Sessions

Full Body Massage

A treatment to improve circulation, relieve tension from tired muscles and joints and help the client feel grounded, relaxed and meditative. Following a 15 minute consultation (not included in treatment time), with a cup of herbal tea, pre-massage the client will be able to share their current needs, the treatment will then be tailored to their wishes. 


£55 for 1 hour / £80 for 90 minutes / £95 for 2 hours

A private 1-1 Soul Treatment is for you if:

  • you want to feel relaxed, restored, more centred within yourself

  • you’re craving a feeling of being taken care of, a connection to a ‘mothering’ energy

  • you’d like to feel energised and lighter like you’ve ‘taken off a load’

  • you’d like to experience better, deeper sleep

  • you’d like to learn more about natural beauty and working with flower essences within skincare

  • you’re open to integrating self-care rituals into your daily life

  • you’d like advise on how to seasonally support yourself through nutrition

  • you’d like a 1-1 connection to go deeper into this work

First Moon Sessions for Young Women Ancho
“My mission is for clients to value themselves and re-learn how to be their own mother, to tune into what they really need and to uncover the whisperings of their soul. By taking this time and investing in themselves they begin the journey of returning ‘home’, to re-discover their true nature and soul purpose, maintaining this connection through rituals.”
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