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Soul Treatments

Online treatments to align the inner being to the natural rhythms of nature.

We are mirrors of the natural world. Aligning and understanding what’s going on around us, can help us have a deeper understanding about what’s going on within us. Taking this step can have powerful transformational effects on our ability to manifest, access creativity and take care of ourselves properly.


Seasonal Soul Sessions


Soul-to-Soul Reiki Healing Sessions


First Moon Sessions for Young Women

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Online Seasonal
Soul Sessions

Sadie holds space online for 1-1 sessions to support clients on their journey in through the seasons.


Working heart to heart, soul to soul. 

Learning how to align to the seasons, nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually has a profound effect on ones life. Sadie is a Rhythm Of Beauty Coach and this work is aimed at harnessing the energy of the seasons for personal growth, manifestations, natural beauty and healing. Living in harmony with nature is a medicine for the mind, body and soul. Rituals the root for all integration of this work and Sadie will assist the client in cultivating their own magical, healing rituals for beauty and the soul.

During this session Sadie will look into how you are feeling about the seasonal transitions, she will look into your how your skin may be communicating imbalances, how you are emotionally and physically and through the session aim to align you to the energetics and element of the particular season so that you can feel restored and in harmony with rituals to carry this seasonal wisdom through into your lifestyle.

This session can include:

  • Guided Meditation and Visualisations

  • Consultation with Seasonal 'Rhythm Of Beauty' Wisdom

  • Distant Healing

  • Intention Setting following the session

  • Guided Visualisation Journey

  • Follow up email with information to support you 

The dates and which season/element Sadie will be working with throughout the Wheel Of The Year:

  • From late August: Late Summer/Autumn (Earth/Metal)

  • From mid-December: Winter (Water)

  • From mid-March: Spring (Wood)

  • From mid-June - Summer (Fire)​


Introductory Price:

£55 for 1.5 hours


Lunar Journey Package:

£100 for 2 x 1.5 hour sessions (first session held on the new moon with a follow-up on the full moon)

Mid-Season Check-In:

£20 for 25 minutes (for existing clients only)

'Through nature, find beauty' - Louise Allen, Rhythm Of Beauty Founder

Online Seasonal Soul Sessions

Soul-to-Soul Online Reiki Healing Sessions

These sessions are created in a bespoke for the clients particular needs. We are all unique individuals, therefore each session is unique. Using the 4 areas Sadie loves to work with - body, emotions, energy and soul with the intention to heal, release and empower. Working online is so powerful as energy work transcends time and space, the client is comfortable in their own home and so this work is often very deep. Sadie can run one-off sessions or create a plan for a series.

The session can include:

  • Consultation

  • Guided meditation/visualisation/journey work

  • Distant energy healing (clearing, releasing and chakra balancing)

  • Oracle card readings

  • Follow-up email - overview of session and guidance


Introductory Offer:

£45 for 1 hour

Soul-to-Soul Online Reiki Healing Sessions

Online 'First Moon' Sessions  for Young Women

These sessions have been created through Sadie musing on what she would’ve liked at the age where she began her menstrual cycles. Some see a woman’s ‘moon time’ as ‘the curse’, where the monthly bleed is something to dread, women have pushed against our natural rhythms rather than embrace and co-create with them. This is a powerful time for a young woman, a transitional rite of passage, which is so often overlooked and can hold a lot of shadow around it. Sadie wants to empower young women to understand their own cycle, feel safe to talk about it and to learn rituals to support them in this time of self-discovery. Learning at a young age how our cycle mirrors nature and to receive the tools to unlock its power at an early age will stand the next generation of women in good stead for the many cycles to come throughout their lives. 

The session can include:

  • Sharing

  • Introduction to journalling and free art for expression

  • Womb meditation

  • Distant Reiki Healing

  • Creating a self-care ritual around moon time
    Learning how to track the cycle and see where it falls within the moon cycle with the printable Soul Beauty Rituals worksheet, sent prior to session

  • Tips - Sadie’s favourite apps, menstrual products, essential oils and crystals to support.


Introductory Offer:

£45 for 1 hour

Option to purchase a Starter Pack which includes a small piece of sage, carnelian crystal, moonstone & rose quartz Kanoa Living bracelet, herbal tea, ritual bath salts, ClaryCalm essential oil sample. £25 + postage

First Moon Sessions for Young Women Ancho

Contact Sadie directly to book your session and confirm times.



Prior to your session you will be sent an email with a consultation form and guidance on how to prepare your sacred space for healing.

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