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New Moon in Pisces Rituals

New Moon in Pisces Blessings ♓️

This new moon marks a sense of completion and closure as we begin a new cycle, a new season, a fresh start. 

Pisces is the elder of the Zodiac, this is the final new moon before Spring season (20/3) and Aries season (the baby of the Zodiac) so this is a goodbye Winter and preparing to welcome Spring moon. So it’s interesting that we have watery, fluid, healing ‘you may say I’m a dreamer’ sign Pisces before fiery, dynamic, charging forwards Aries. It's like it's here to support us through transition and change. If we harness this healing mutable sign today, welcome emotional flow and set intentions from a very fluid place we will reap the rewards come Spring when we’ll be charging forwards. Pisces highlights duality with the fish swimming in opposite directions but also reminds us of our oneness, connection to all that is. Endings are beginnings. Death and rebirth. 

I woke up from very vivid dreams this morning and wondered if anyone else did? Mine were very much water based. 

Ways to work with this moon:

🐟 Journal around your emotions, what is coming up for you, what's the deeper meaning beneath them?

🐟 Spend time with the water element, walking near water or taking baths. The water element helps to connect us to our emotional realm.

🐟 Create space to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. Give your subconscious space to emerge when it's not drowned out by lists.

🐟 Bless your water, set intentions. Hold a glass of water up to your heart and send it loving energy then sip it slowly.

🐟 Explore ways to embody water in movement, the inhale and exhale connecting to the rise and fall of your moves. How does water move? How does it feel to be like water?

🐟 Have a notepad by your bed to capture your dreams.

Let your emotions guide you today and sow seeds from the depths of your soul under this dreamy moon.

Feeling the call to gather and experience the energies of this moon in circle through meditations, journaling, movement and deep guided journeys? Join the Cosmic Cycling Club and cycle home together. 



📷: @withpassionandpurpose at Passion & Purpose Club

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