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The Flowering Season

This blog is filled with wisdom and musings on the seasonal energies. On May the 1st we reach Beltane, which marks the middle of Spring and the growing light! You might have noticed the evenings getting lighter and signs that the earth is alive with new growth?

Beltane honours life. It’s a Celtic word which means “the fires of Bel”, Bel meaning “the bright one”.

The earth is GROWING life now. The ground was prepared during the Winter, the seeds were sown at Imbolc (February 1st/2nd), that then blossomed at the Spring Equinox and Beltane is the flowering - a phase of pure expansion and growth. It’s a celebration of life, creativity, passion and abundance.

The earth energies are at their peak and nature is ready to burst with new creations. We are mirrors of nature, what is bursting within you wanted to be created? This is a time of our dreams hatching and taking flight!!

The veil is thin between worlds so we can naturally tap into other dimensions and tune into our own psychic and mystical gifts more at this time.

‘Come on baby light my fire’

Traditionally a fire would be lit at Beltane. What fire is growing within you? What are you creating? How can you stoke your creative flame?

Not only do we have Beltane this weekend, we also have a Solar Eclipse New Moon!

What does this mean for us? We can harness the seasonal and lunar forces at this time to start fresh, set intentions and focus on our dreams and what we wish to grow this year. Eclipse energy can often be quite intense. They tend to shake things up a little (or a lot!). They often bring about huge revelations, endings, beginnings. If somethings not right for us, they make sure we know about it.

Taurus Season -

Thank Goddess we are in Taurus season to ground us through all of the above. Taurus is an earth element sign. It’s stable, grounding, protective and connects to the home and money. A good time to get organised with your finances! Taurus always makes me think of a tree, stable and strong. Take a walk and sit with a tree and feel the change within as it supports you in grounding. The New Moon always falls in the sign that the sun is in, so with this being Taurus season, the new moon is in Taurus.

New Moon and Beltane Weekend Ritual -

• This Friday on the dark moon create a small fire or light a candle and write down what you wish to release - splurge your fears, worries, limiting thoughts and doubts. Write “I call on the fire to release these…” Then burn the piece of paper.

• On the Sunday light your candle again and write down what you wish to flower and grow - write your list and hold the paper as you ‘JUMP THE FIRE’ - this is a traditional Beltane ritual, jumping the fire was seen as cleansing and also luck bringing ritual.

Disclaimer - be careful if you’re wearing a long skirt and always be safe with flames.

Join Sadie for an Online Circle celebrating this day on Sunday May 1st at 7pm.

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