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Spring Is In Full Swing

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

My tips and tricks to align to the season of Rebirth.

‘As the wheel spins again,

We channel the energy of the rising earth,

The blossoming flowers

The budding trees

The hatching eggs

The rising sap

We return from hibernation and witness the changes

The land green and opening

We listen and hear the call from nature as the maiden returns

We are guided, bless our growth

With gratitude for the abundance, receiving with open hearts

Dear Spring, Inspire me to live to my fullest potential and to have the courage to shine’

- Sadie

So let’s touch base on how we can support ourselves through the season of renewal, rebirth and emergence.

Aligning to the Spring is receiving the invitation to dance at a soul level with the nature.

Through my training with Louise Allen, founder of Rhythm Of Beauty, I learnt about Chinese Medicine, flower essences, seasonal lifestyle, nutrition and skincare tips as the energies shift to different organs each season. Each season has an energy, an element, and organs in power.


Element - Wood

Colour - Green

Energy - Yang (Divine Masculine)

Organs - The Liver and Gallbladder

Emotion - Anger

Times the Organs are in power - Gallbladder 11pm-1am / Liver 1am-3am

Taste: Sour

Possible Physical Spring Imbalances can appear as indigestion, flatulence shoulder tension, headaches, muscle spasms and cramps, dry nails, dry eyes, period issues and skin breakouts.

Possible Emotional Spring Imbalances can take the form of jealousy, resentment, indecisiveness, frustration, unexpressed anger, bitterness.

Here are my Top Spring Tips and Tricks:


Calling all the Movers and Shakers!

This is the time to get active again but to be mindful and ease our way into this.

Those limbs are calling out for some action post-hibernation, see what works for you. My personal favourites are alternating mornings with running and invigorating stretchy yoga and also some kundalini yoga.

‘Every hour before midnight is worth two after.’

Rest and Reap the Rewards!

Try to be asleep by 11pm so that the organs in power can do their jobs efficiently.

Eating with Seasonal Intention:

‘Green is the Colour and Sour is the Taste’ // Seasonal Intention - Alkalise and Purify.

This is the season to ‘gently cleanse’. Avoid the rich, greasy foods and introduce foods that the liver and gallbladder love - like greens! I love drinking chlorophyll water! Sour is the taste of Spring - I love a glass of warm lemon with a dash of apple cider vinegar in the morning (this helps break up the bile). In Spring it’s all about balance because it’s a transitional season, if you’re introducing salads and juices, still have the warm foods like soup or broths but make them with lighter veggies like Spring greens, asparagus and nettle and avoid the heavier root veggies. Wild Garlic is EVERYWHERE right now, there's so many wonderful recipes to try with it - I experimented with a Wild Garlic pesto (below) and a Wild Garlic and Spring Greens Soup. I LOVE my weekly veggie box from Groobarbs Wild Farm.

Don’t put the woollies away just yet!

With the unpredictability of the weather in Spring, it’s tempting to put the wooly jumpers away. Try to be mindful and always take layers out with you. I tried cold water therapy and breathwork with Kev from Breatheolution this week - it was incredible and he taught us all about the power of the cold. The cold water is brilliant for the body and immune system but I would say if you haven't done it before definitely go with a pro first to guide you through it. And then make sure you wrap up warm after!

What’s your skin saying?

Face: Check out the liver meridians on the face and see how those areas are. I experienced some congestion early Spring which I took as a sign that the liver was detoxifying. The Rhythm Of Beauty Spring range is wild-crafted and intuitively made to support the skin and soul in the Spring. Gua Sha and roller crystal tools are lovely to use too!

Body: Skin-brushing is a lovely ritual to introduce in the Spring and it supports the Liver. Start at the feet and always brush towards the heart.


Express Yourself:

The Wood element and organs associated with Spring can bring up deep-rooted, unexpressed feelings. Check in with yourself and see if there’s anything stagnant that needs to shift. What is rising to the surface for you? Is there any anger/frustration/resentment? Journal your feelings and consciously communicate to those around you if it’s possible.

Grab a pen and your favourite journal... here are my Spring prompts suggestions:

  • What is renewing now?

  • What am I rekindling?

  • What emotions are rising to guide me?

  • What am I birthing? And what does it need to grow?

  • How can I tend to myself this Spring?

  • How does my body want to move?

Flower Power - Taking the Rhythm Of Beauty Spring Flower Essence daily can really support our emotions during the season. To uplift, encourage hope, renew enthusiasm and bring in love and protection as well as releasing tension. The magnolia, willow, bluebell and cherry plum are the Spring allies.


Cleanse your energetic field with smudging tools like sage.

Spring crystals - Green crystals like aventurine are lovely in Spring, also Citrine for the growing sun, sunstone. I also like moonstone for the feminine energy to balance the Yang.

Declutter, Smudge and ‘Clean House’ - Tidy up, clean with natural homemade products, put away Winter clothes, cleanse away old energy and clean the air with white sage working with the intention - ‘out with the old, welcome the new!’


Create a Spring Altar - A focal point for your Spring season rituals and intention settings - bring in fresh Spring flowers, have crystals there, manifestation lists, affirmation cards, a candle and any other items you feel called to place there.

Visualise - Paint the dreams in your minds eye of what you are wishing to call in and take action to make these a reality. We are co-creating with the magic of the Universe in manifestation, we have to play our part.

A little seasonal gift 'from me to you' is my Spring playlist - I love to create these, they are subtle and not so subtle hints to the energies and element of the season.

With love and cherry blossom, Sadie


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