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Never Look back - How to live in the moment.

Never Look Back

We have passed the mid-point of Winter and the light is continuing to grow as we edge closer to Spring. Winter began at the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and ends at the Spring Equinox (March 20th). The mid-point of Winter was Imbolc (February 1st).

The energy of nature is now gently moving forward, emerging, awakening and unfurling. As the earth wakes up, so do we. We are invited by the land to step out of our metaphorical caves, shake off the dust of Winter and stretch our limbs as we open ourselves up to hope, new beginnings and renewal. At this point in the wheel of the year we are invited by the cyclical energies to never look back, to be present now and bring our gaze to the horizon.

Have you noticed signs of nature waking up?

Have you noticed signs within that you are waking up?

These forward-moving motions are also supported by the planets, which are now all stationed direct. When planets are in retrograde it can feel like we’re returning to the past and resurfacing old wounds. The planets are also calling for us to never look back!

We’ve also entered the year of the Water Tiger - a year of luck, success and courage.

Ways to navigate the transitions and look to the future with open arms:

Journal -

Free-write around these questions, try not to judge and allow your subconscious to flow through the pen to page.

  • What are the snowdrops within me gently starting to emerge?

  • What seeds am I planting for this year? To blossom in the Spring, bloom in the summer and harvest in the autumn?

  • What do these seeds need in order to grow well?

  • What does creativity mean to me? How can I create space for creativity?

Movement -

First of all I love to connect to my feet, to gently work through all the tiny muscles of my feet and feel the earth beneath me, then take this into a stretchy dance. How does your body want to move? This is the subconscious guiding you in your movement, not planned or thought through. Your movement is your medicine. Once you’ve stretched everything out then create a vibration moving up from the earth through your feet and into your whole body - Shake it out, working with your breath connect your body and breath to bring about release through your limbs. Shaking releases stuck emotions, trapped energy and frees us on every level. You may find yourself making sounds, tears may fall, let it all out. Then take it into some dance, play around with the shapes of expanding and contracting, awakening and retreating, opening and closing. Try to mirror early Spring in your moves. We’ve created a special playlist on the Om and Ah Spotify to guide you through your flow.

Om and Ah - Never Look Back early spring moves playlist

Fire Ritual -

A really wonderful ritual to mark the growing light is to work with a candle. Turn off all the lights in your room and begin in darkness. Meditate here, get comfortable with the empty, dark space. Tune into winter, the quiet, the stillness. Then think about hope, renewal and possibility. As the light grows this year, what do you wish to grow? Light your candle and repeat the phrase - ‘I welcome the returning light’ three times.

Spring Clean -

Have a declutter - cleanse, purify and renew. Clear out the old, dust everything down and smudge your spaces.

Love Your Self -

February is the month of LOVE - take time to give yourself a treat, a soulful gift to really nourish you and fill you up on every level. We can’t give from an empty cup - the more you treat yourself, the more you will give from a heart-centred place to others. That treat doesn’t even need to cost anything, it could be a peaceful walk or an indulgent bath.

At this point in the year from my quiet space I like to shift the perspective from looking back and reflecting to starting to look ahead and visioning all that I wish to grow this year. My self-care comes first because I know that the more I water myself, the better the flowers of my dreams will grow.

This is the time to - Never Look Back!

Love, sunshine and snowdrops,



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