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Moonwalking with Mercury

Have you heard of Mercury Retrograde? If you have, is it something you often fear or dread?

We are here to help you navigate the often dreaded astrological time, with tried and tested techniques to bring you a sense of calm amidst the chaos. Through having an awareness of astrological events you’ll find yourself feeling more aligned and empowered. Dare I say it, you may even enjoy Mercury Retrograde to discover the silver linings and gems of wisdom you’ll receive. During this time doing the inner work will give you the tools to harness this event. Get cosy and snuggle down to receive simple techniques to self-care your way through it.

Mercury Retrograde (also known as Mercury Rx) is when the planet Mercury appears to move backwards. Mercury is the planet that rules travel, technology and communication. When this astrological event happens it’s widely known for causing havoc in the areas it rules. Did you know that during the most recent Mercury Rx Facebook crashed?

Hold onto your hats and prepare yourself for an interesting ride! Rather than being something I fear, I now welcome Mercury Rx because I often learn something about myself each time and emerge the other side feeling lighter and clearer because I do ‘the work’ - I’ll share with you exactly how I ‘slow dance with’ Mercury Rx.

So first things first - when is it happening?

There are usually 3 Mercury Retrogrades per year, however in 2022, we have 4! Yikes!

The first Mercury Rx begins this month on January the 14th and lasts until February the 3rd in the sign of Aquarius.

Retroshade - what’s that? This is the period of time 1-2 weeks before and after the main Mercury Rx so you may be already feeling the effect.

Communication clashes, travel disruptions, technology malfunctions (back up your devices!) and misunderstandings are all pretty common occurrences as well has hearing from ‘ghosts’ of your past (i.e. past relationships!) - you may hear someone say when their phone has a glitch or their internet goes down or they hear from their ex ‘that’s so Mercury Retrograde!’.

A time for reflection and heightened Intuition

1. Journal:

One of my top tips is to journal. If you haven’t already established a journaling practice, now is the time. You may like to create a morning ritual where you create space for your subconscious to emerge through pen to paper. Start with a prompt ‘today I’m feeling…’

You could also ‘brain dump’ at the end of the day and splurge anything that wants to be released from your mind on the page. No-one needs to read this and it doesn’t even need to make sense. Sentences don’t need to be punctuated. Just let it all flow. You may even find yourself doodling. Try not to judge what comes through in the moment. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is Mercury Rx surfacing for me?

  • Where am I being triggered?

  • What realisations or bolts of clarity am I experiencing?

  • What is it that I wish to communicate?

  • What am I feeling needs to change?

I look at what comes through and then I ‘sit on it’, I don’t usually act on my realisations until I’m post-retrograde. Also make a note of your dreams at night, I tend to experience much more vivid ones during Mercury Rx.

2. Meditate:

If you don’t have a meditation practice, I invite you to begin one now. It’s really simple, you’re creating a space for stillness. I see meditation like plugging into source and recharging the energetic batteries. Here is a guide which you could try (make it your own):

Light a candle, get comfortable and close your eyes with your palms facing upwards or in prayer. Visualise a beautiful ray of light travelling through the crown of your head and filling up your whole body. Imagine that this light has the ability to clear away any stagnant energy or trapped feelings. Let the release pour into the earth beneath you. Keep the energy flowing over you and through you like a cosmic waterfall of light. Set a timer with some relaxing music if you like for 10-20 mins. If you’re new to meditating, there are plenty of popular applications that can guide you through your initial sessions.

3. Step away from the Tech!

As Mercury Rx rules technology and can cause havoc with it, why not consciously have a tech detox? Or limit your time on it?

4. ’It’s getting heated’

Are you finding yourself entering into heated debates? Take a breath, step back and take the higher perspective. Be more aware with your words during this time and stretch your listening muscle.

5. Self-care

Take a medicine bath (see previous blog post), enjoy a massage, walk in nature or even create your own Mercury Rx retreat! Create as much time for self-care as possible.

6. Mercury Rx Mantra

Remember to surrender and to accept what you cannot change (like the Serenity prayer), when s*** hits the fan, technology breaks, traffic is slow, there are delays - if it’s out of your control practice acceptance and the ability to surrender. Remember it will pass. Create your own affirmation mantra to be your anchor - the ability to be flexible and calm are all amazing qualities to draw on. ‘I am flexible, I surrender, I am calm and centred in my communications’. Repeat these daily to build your skill or whenever you feel the effects of this planet on your life.

7. Take a Pause, Breathe, Hold The Tension

Giving yourself space before making big decisions or jumping into things is very wise. Don’t forget to take time to read contracts thoroughly. You may experience some pretty big realisations and wish to make sudden changes - My advice would be to go slow, hold fire and ride out the retrograde and do loads of internal work then see how you feel when you’re out the other side.

8. ‘I thought I’ve healed this?’

If you’re experiencing old wounds resurfacing, or memories (good and bad), this is completely normal. Time for reflection can help you see how far you’ve come, and not necessarily be a sign that you’re going backwards.

Final thoughts, there is no need to fear Mercury Rx. I like to think of the ‘Going On A Bear Hunt’ nursery rhyme - you can’t go around it, over it, or under it.. you’ve gotta go through it. By surrendering, accepting and taking the invitation to pause and retreat you’ll reap the rewards once it stations direct again.

Let us know how your Mercury Rx goes and any of these tips you try or others you discover!

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Love and Peace,




In this blog, the knowledge I share is based on personal experiences with the cycles. This information is not intended to advise or enforce. It is more to inspire your personal journey. Sadie Pickering of Soul Beauty Rituals assumes no responsibility or liability for any outcome resulting from any action or inaction you take based on the information found in this blog, The information shared here must never be relied upon as an alternative for seeking advice from a medical professional. Please seek immediate medical attention if you believe you may be suffering from any condition that requires professional help and support.

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