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Lughnasadh Blessings 🌾

Lughnasadh or Lammas Celebrates the first Harvest and falls on August the 1st. The midpoint between the Summer Solstice (Lithia) and the Autumn Equinox (Mabon).

Harvest season follows three waning phases (Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox and Samhain). From this point, the nights are begin to lengthen and we anticipate the return of Autumn, but the darkness is nowhere to be seen yet. Summer is still in full swing with hedgerows bustling, ripening fruits and heady floral scents. The wisdom within the wild world is that whilst the energy remains high, creatures begin to consciously prepare for the colder, darker months ahead. We have entered a whole phase of ‘gathering in’. This years Lughnasadh falls close to the Full Grain Moon (3rd of August) so this enhances the harvesting potency.

Even if we’re not physically tending to the land, we still mirror these changes within us. How do we cultivate this wisdom within and tend to our own metaphorical garden so that it we can flourish too? How can we use the final phase of vibrant summer energy to push our dreams one step further? What have we grown already that we can begin to harvest and enjoy now? What needs to be let go of and returned to the other to create space to cultivate new and conserve the energy needed to see our current projects through to fulfilment when Autumn comes?

I've been wandering the fields gathering items for the Lughnasadh Soul Circle this evening. Ripe berries, tall grasses, wild chamomile, yellow and red leaves and thistle down. Musing on the animals associated with this time of year - The lion (strength, courage, protection), Stag (solar/earth energies, personal magnetism, abundance), The Eagle (clarity, wisdom) and the Crow (intuition, magic). Gathering the crystals for the ceremony: citrine, sunstone, carnelian and tigers eye. I've also created a playlist, a soundtrack to honour Lughnasadh.

This is the time to step into our confidence, share our gifts, celebrate ours (and others) achievements.

Ideas to align to the energies:

  • Journal - ask yourself what you have grown, what's ready to harvest, what you have achieved that you can celebrate, what didn't work and the lessons you learnt and what needs a little longer to ripen. (this can be a project, a skill, something you're working on within or a relationship.)

  • Gratitude List

  • Ritual Bath - oats are lovely to use in honour of Lughnasadh

  • Bake Bread - a traditional Lammas ritual

  • Make a Corn Dolly and leave it as an offering in the fields.

Love, Gratitude, Abundance and Prosperity!



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