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I worship the ground I walk on....

(Image: can you spot the tree spirit and heart?)

Blessings for this day where we celebrate our planet, the land that we stand on, barefoot heart and soul to the ground in awe and respect, the waters we swim in, the air we breathe, the trees we hug.. tinged with a sadness and sorrow for how it has been treated and rising with an open mind to the ways we can change and flexibility to make them become a reality.

Our new normal includes the earth. The deeper our connection, the more we will want to protect it and respect it, I feel like we’ve all grown closer to the great mama in the last year, am I right?

I know the future children and children of their children will look back on the ‘plastic’ consumerism age …when things changed. The little changes we make that are easy to implement and sustain make such a big difference in the long run. There will always be advancements and creative inventions to help, there are incredible minds out there and the age of Aquarius is about humanitarian efforts and includes technological advances, so who knows what’s coming and what’s already in motion.

‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.’ - Chinese Proverb

Here are a few things I’ve implemented which make my soul sing, bring me joy and help me tread a little lighter….. I’m a sucker for subscriptions, here are my favs!

  • ‘Who Gives A Crap’… Me me I give a crap!!! These loo rolls revoLOOtionise our waste dumping - They come beautifully wrapped in really cool designed paper, no plastic packaging and they donate 50% of profits to help build toilets and improver sanitation in the developing world.

  • Veggie Box - I signed up to Groobarbs Wild Farm Veg Box (recommended by my friends at Therapy Organics). I love this so much, it inspires me in the kitchen so I don’t stick to what I know, a healthy push out of my comfort zone and I started juicing again in the Spring. I get excited for the arrival every week, the little note you get makes it feel so personal hearing the news from the farm and they send recipe inspo.

  • Good Club - This covers our pantry items so zero waste oats, nuts, grains, seeds, household items like laundry detergent and some healthy treats (they have a lovely selection of raw cacao!). It’s 20-30% off retail prices. They send it in a box, you decant and send the box back. (If you fancy it there’s a referral link in my bio which gives you and I both £15 off our next order!)

  • Halo - I can see your halo halo.. Home compostable coffee pods. I just love that this is really good coffee and the pods degrade in as little as 28 days. I can enjoy my coffee guilt-free. (Referral link in bio)

Little by little. Poca Poca. Please share with me any things you recommend/your discoveries, I get so inspired by others so I’d love to hear :)

We are in 'Fashion Revolution Week' right now (19th-25th April) check out Orsola De Castro, she's an inspiration and the co-founder of Fashion Revolution and recently released her book 'Loved Clothes Last'. Not only is it important to care for the people who make our clothes, there is also a huge environmental impact from 'fast fashion'. There are microfibres in our clothes that shed every time we wash them, it's important to look at #whatsinmyclothes as well as #whomademyclothes and remember that #lovedclotheslast

We’ve also started growing veggies and started with seeds which is so exciting!! Tending and caring to plants teaches you so much.

Something new I’m going to start is when I go to magical places outdoors it makes me really disheartened to see litter so I’m going to take a bin bag (recycled from the good club of course) and gloves and take whatever I can find with me as an act of gratitude.

Working with the cycles is always a reminder you can’t change everything all at once, there will always be more you want to work on, but it’s important to celebrate the changes you do make and set intentions for the changes to come and take daily action to maintain and implement those changes.

Sharing the lyrics of the song by Ayla Schafer, a singer who channels the whisperings of the earth in song, powerfully healing.

Have a beautiful day Earthlings. At some point today, just place your hands on the ground :) Sadie xx

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