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Blossoming With Spring

Blossoming with Spring

This blog is your guide for the season of hope and renewal.

As the wheel turns again, we enter a new cycle.

The earth is birthing life, the seeds are emerging. The darkest phase of the year is over and we’ve now passed the Equinox when night and day are of equal length (Sunday 20th March). We’re moving from the most Yin phase of the year (Autumn/Winter) into the most dynamic Yang phase (Spring/Summer), from this point on the light grows meaning our evenings stay bright longer, the natural world thrives and becomes abundant and our energy returns.

Spring is the season of renewal, hope, rebirth and taking action. It’s a time of hope, embracing change and transitioning from stillness and retreat into divine action, creativity and emergence.

The sun has also moved into the baby of the Zodiac, Aries - the bold, dynamic, leadership sign. And ALL the planets are direct (at least until late April when Pluto stations retrograde).

There’s a lot of support in nature and the stars to encourage you to take leaps.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Spring is the Wood Element. And the organs associated with the wood element are the liver and gallbladder. So this is naturally a time to cleanse, clear, declutter and start new self-care regimes.

Also, it’s important to note that the emotions associated with these organs and the wood element are anger, frustration and resentment, dormant and unexpressed feelings may be surfacing with the dynamic force of the bulbs bursting through the soil - be gentle with yourself and take time to journal your feeling and consciously communicate to those around you if that’s possible.

Are you feeling the rising energies within you?

There is so much to learn from the seasons… Spring calls on us to cleanse, shake off winter, stretch our limbs, move our bodies, open our senses and breathe life into our dreams.

Seasonal Nourishment:

Spring is all about balance - it’s a good time to introduce raw veggies and salads but wise to have them alongside a warming soup. With the soup, we can switch out the heavier root veggies for lighter seasonal Spring veggies, for example one of my faves is Asparagus and Pea! It’s a great time for juicing too!

Journal to Spring Clean your Subconscious:

Goodbye Winter:

What did I learn about myself this Winter?

What am I releasing, letting go of and clearing out? (This could be physically in the home, a cleanse or energetic and emotional releases)

Hello Spring:

What am I currently birthing?

What brings me hope?

Declutter and Refresh:

I can feel a huge urge to declutter at this time of year and can often burn out by setting myself the challenge of doing the whole house in a few days! I find what helps me is saying, OK lets just do a drawer today. Or my health cupboard full of supplements and clear out the out-of-date ones and give it an organise so it’s more a appealing.

Same goes for my skincare rituals space, a cluttered cupboard of products with cream on the sides of bottles and general mess does not inspire you to pamper. Pick an area, pop on some high vibe music and make your declutter a meditative ritual.

Spring Self-Care Menu:

Create your own seasonal Spring self-care menu with a list of rituals and activities that light you up, inspire you and make you feel good. If it helps have topics such as exercise, pampering, nature, making food, creativity etc to help make your menu balanced in all areas.

I will close this blog with a poem that came through last Spring,

‘As the wheel spins again,

We channel the energy of the rising earth,

The blossoming flowers

The budding trees

The hatching eggs

The rising sap

We return from hibernation and witness the changes

The land green and opening

Senses alive

We listen and hear the call from nature as the maiden returns

The whispers on the winds of March

Blessing our growth

With gratitude for the abundance we receive with open hearts

Dear Spring, Inspire me to live to my fullest potential and to have the courage to shine’ -

Sadie, March 2021

May you birth your dreams and have the courage to shine this season.

Love and Light,



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