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Autumn | Earth & Metal Elements | Yin Energy

Here are my musings on my favourite season, being a Virgo (earth sign)!  I love having the permission to slow down, go inwards, re-address boundaries, get cosy and de-clutter ready to rest and nest.

With the turning of the wheel, we have given thanks to Summer and all that has grown within ourselves, we can witness this reflected in our external world. Following the expansion we experienced with the Yang energy during the summer months, a very active phase, it is now time to retreat inwards and take stock nurtured, by the landscape brought on by Autumn’s Yin. 

The chi shifted into the spleen and stomach as Autumn began and it will move to the lungs and large intestine for the latter phase of the cycle (post-Halloween). Check in with your digestion? How's it feeling? Are you bloated/acidic/feeling blocked? This is the time for warm foods (no salads now - they create damp in the body), a little spice, fermented foods (like Kombucha), adaptogens (medicinal mushrooms). This all helps the fluids in the body stay warm and moist, when the mucus is cold and damp that's when bugs make house! Request for 'no ice' with your drinks!

Autumn and her Elements

The first half of the season tunes us to the Earth element where the Divine feminine, the nurturer, the mother, the peacemaker and restorer supports us. The latter phase moves to the Metal element which purifies, eliminates and releases what no longer serves us. We harvest all that we have learnt through our expansion (over the summer) and gather ourselves to nourish from within, shedding (like the falling leaves) what we no longer need. This season prepares us both emotionally and physically for Winter.

Journalling Inspo:

  • What have you grown over the summer?

  • What no longer serves you?

  • How are you feeling this season? Physically, Emotionally and Energetically?

  • Ask the questions 'Am I kind to myself? Do I ask for what I need? Do I say 'yes' when I should say 'no''?

  • What are you grateful for?

The beauty of the soul shines through when honoured in rituals of self-love. Make time for you to give yourself what you truly need. We can be there more fully for others, when we are there for ourselves, unconditionally. 

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