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“Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?

Can the child within my heart rise above?

Can I sail through the changin' ocean tides?

Can I handle the seasons of my life?” 


Landslide, Fleetwood Mac

About Soul Beaurty Rituals - Sadie.jpg

About Soul Beauty Rituals

Hi, I’m Sadie! I founded Soul Beauty Rituals, a place for personal and collective healing. My fascination with all things magical began as a child, I would see different coloured auras around my teachers at primary school and had a curiosity to learn about the mystical. Over the years I experienced and overcame my personal battle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which manifested physically in severe acne and unbalanced menstrual cycles with severe cramps. I was determined to find a natural approach to restore rhythm and rebalance rather than ‘mask’ the symptoms. The key for me was through diet, lifestyle and the start of a journey to understand the connection of the cycles in the natural world and the cycles within. My belief is that when we align to the natural world and these cycles we find harmony and it benefits every part of our lives. 

Soul Treatments and Soul Circle Gatherings

The tools I use to support my work include white sage for smudging, crystals, Rhythm of Beauty wild-crafted natural skincare products, essential oils, oracle cards and sound.

I offer Soul Treatments and Soul Circle gatherings in person and online to honour the cycles and seasons as individuals and as a collective. The various aspects I uses within these to create harmonious balance within the client consist of 4 elements. Some sessions may focus on one of these areas, others may be a combination:

Body Work

Massage Therapy. During a consultation the client may express their physical issues, focus areas, and anything they wish to share. I tune into the client, during the session I will focus on the areas brought up in the discussion and any also any areas I pick up on intuitively.

Emotional Work

This may initially come through talking or journalling. Emotional issues can manifest in the physical body and energetic body (see below). Our physical body holds stories. So on the first level of body work the focus is on releasing tension. However, the layers are all connected and we can hold emotional blockages within the physical body so there can naturally be emotional releases here too.

Energy Work

I am a Reiki healer, Reiki has a pure ‘love’ energetic vibration. One of the hardest things to describe in words because it’s a sensation or feeling. Reiki is where the therapist  acts as a channel for energy to flow through and into the client. Energy work can be directed to the physical body, the emotional body and in the energetic body. We all have an energy field which surrounds us, known as the aura and an energy system known as the chakras. I see energy as light, feels it as hot/cold/tingling/magnetic sensations. Energetic blockages, stored emotional experiences, memories, trauma can all be held body or aura. The aim is for the client to be clear of any stagnant energy and for the chakras to be spinning, for everything to be in flow.

Soul Work

The soul is our true self, when we’ve peeled back the layers of physical, emotional and energetic blockages what’s left is our pure light. Here clarity can be gained around who we are at our core, when all the day-to-day responsibilities melt away. When we work on a soul level there can be a deep sense of returning home, to a feeling of wholeness, a deeper understanding within, an innate awareness of what we really want and a perception of our connection to the universe. 

How to know if my work is for you...


☽  You’re interested to understand your own cycles, to align to natures cycles and discover how this can benefit your life in every way from healing to creativity.

☽  You’d like to learn rituals and activities that you can integrate within your life to experience a stronger connection with the universe and nature.

☽  You’re longing for a deeper understanding of yourself at a soul level and want to learn how to co-create and manifest with nature.

“The work I do is nothing new, it’s a forgotten wisdom that we all have within us. My hope here is to offer support in helping the the client remember and empower them to become their own healer.”

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