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City of the Stars


In March I visited the powerfully wild Joshua Tree on a trip to LA. On our road trip to the desert there were thousands of butterflies on the freeway, flying by our windows. Walking through the super bloom, climbing the rocks and meditating here was incredibly special. I found it an intense place, I tend to feel safe and at home in the fae like woods and meadows of England but something about JT tested my comfort zone, there’s nowhere to hide. I surrendered. I followed the call and found something there to bring home with me. Wind is something that my Vata spirit is fearful of, it was wonderful letting go and let the wind dance through my hair, to feel free and fearless.

Lemuria had been coming up a lot for me after hearing about the ancient civilisation (similar to Atlantis) but lighter in vibration. I bought a little Lemurian seed crystal in Abbot Kinney and then found a much bigger one at Joshua Tree Rocks! Both of these have integrated into my journey since the trip. I use the Lemurian Seed mini one in my chakra crystal work and the larger one was my side-kick in a Shamanic ceremony journey where during the experience I picked up the crystal and began to see within it!

During my trip to LA I also visited Moon Juice and stocked up on lots of goodies including the Beauty Shroom collagen, I filled my boots with mushrooms at Four Sigmatics pop-up, I nourished at Cafe Gratitude and a highlight was meeting Shaman Durek and attending is workshop ‘Learn Shamanic Encoding’ at The Ra Ma Institute.

My essential oils were with me throughout the trip, here are my top 3:

Serenity Blend and Softgels for jet lag.

On Guard to protect my immune system.

Wild Orange and Peppermint to awaken the senses on long drives.

I returned home with a suitcase FULL of rocks (crystals), a clear mind and an inspired soul. 

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