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Sun, 01 Nov



Samhain Soul Circle

An evening of pure magic with rituals, meditation, guided journey for release, inner guidance and accessing heightened intuitive powers, along with honouring and remembering our ancestors.

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Samhain Soul Circle
Samhain Soul Circle

Time & Location

01 Nov 2020, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT


About the Event

Summers end, the final Harvest.

From darkness, light is born.

This workshop will be led via Zoom with helpful tips to create your sacred retreat space in the comfort of your home.

When we reach Samhain (pronounced “sow-win”) the veil between worlds is the thinnest, the nights are growing longer. This date is considered the witches ‘New Year’, the final Sabbath of the Wheel of the Year.

Autumn is upon us and now is the time to complete the Harvest phase and let go, let go, let go. To journey within, to clear out and release fully in order to create space to grow anew when the light returns in the early Spring. Through community we gather ‘virtually’, stoking our communal fire, lighting our candles, remembering our ancestors and those we have lost. Honouring our inner flame, our beacon to those in this life and the beyond.

At this stage of the seasons we turn inwards to tend and turn our own inner soil in, we may plant seeds to manifest next Spring before we enter the stillness of winter for hibernation.

Boundaries dissolve and we may feel exposed, throughout this circle we will have a shield of protection, an energy field to hold us in our sacred space. We will also get clear on the boundaries within our lives and relationships and get clarity on where protection is needed here.

Through this circle we will concentrate on Shadow work, releasing into the light our hidden inner world which could be shame, fear, low self-worth bringing these into the light to be illuminated and released. By being laid bare, we create space for the new, this day is all about release and honouring what comes up, with love.

The darkness is fertile with potential, think about the soil, all that can grow from it if it’s prepared and tended to.

This festival falls on the weekend of the Full Moon, the first time since 1944! So the energies are even more potent and powerful to work with. By gathering in circle, we can harness these energies, rather than being over-powered by them unknowingly, the knowledge assists us to work with, not against natures rhythms. This circle is a safe, nurturing space for deep personal growth and understanding.

What is a Circle?

Circles have existed since ancient times (in every culture), they are the oldest form of social interaction, it was normal to gather, to share stories and pass on wisdom. It’s in our DNA. So if this is your first circle I invite you to give yourself this gift on this magical day of the year, to step out of your everyday life with responsibilities and come home to yourself. It will be a safe and nurturing space. If you are new to this work, you may like to invest in the ritual kit ticket, this will provide you with tools to compliment the evening.

Theme: Rest + Release + Remember

Traditionally in many religions and ways of life, this is a time to celebrate ancestors, remembering those who have passed over. Bringing offerings for them. Death is something we don’t tend to discuss freely, it’s there but often left in the shadow until the time comes. I open this space with love to talk about Death, not just in the obvious way but also ‘deaths’ in our lives, the death of a job role, a relationship, an out-grown aspect of ourselves. Death and Life are intertwined, as are Light and Dark. The loss of something may create space for a new pathway to unfold. Through openly discussing death it can create a sense of increased gratitude for life.

Our ancestors are the reason why we are here, to channel love and bring offerings is a beautiful seasonal ritual to remember our lost loved ones, both humans and animals.

Working with the Crone energy. The wise woman, the mystic, the healer, the elder. Alongside specific Goddess archetypes and animals.

What you can expect:

☽ Opening of the circle, grounding and protecting, calling in the guides.

☽ Energetic space clearing

☽ A personal protection visualisation with group reiki healing

☽ Samhain traditions and rituals explained

☽ Reflections on the year so far and uncovered the Shadow elements of ourselves through journaling with question prompts, considering how we have grown, not just ‘what’ we have grown.

☽ Witches New Year Resolutions

☽ Gratitude prayer for the final Harvest

☽ Candle ceremony to honour those who have passed over, you may wish to share a memory or story here.

☽ Guided Shamanic journey

Ritual Kit (optional):

  • White Sage
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Ritual Bath Salt
  • Console Essential Oil Blend

What to bring:

  • something to drink
  • An offering from nature
  • A picture of an ancestor, departed loved one
  • Anything else you wish to bring e.g. crystals, white sage.
  • Anything you wish to burn following the ceremony e.g. an old journal
  • Blanket, pillow and cosy socks

What to wear - Channel your inner witchy goddess or wizard, for me this is Stevie Nicks! Black, brown or orange are typical Samhain colours.


£11.88 (without Ritual Kit)

Option to purchase Ritual Kit, which will be posted out for you to use on the evening: £22.88. These tickets need to be purchased by the 25th of October to ensure they arrive in time.

For tickets CLICK HERE

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